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The Barn is the second novel from Postmortem-press by Jason Downes and is slated for release early October.

The year is 1789 and the town of Aldwood have decided to build something that will serve the community. A place in which to gather in the fine weather and to store emergency supplies in the winter. A local farmer donates one of his fields and soon the work begins on this noble and worthy project.

However unbeknownst to the towns folk burried beneath the earth for hundreds of years, imprisoned there by the ancient native tribe in the area is a demon of unspeakable evil. It remains within its prison held there through an ancient rite and an oath never to build upon the land. Once the foundation for the barn is started, the oath is broken and the one last item which binds the thing to the field is taken and with it…

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I’ve been trying to catch up on all the new films and old ones for that matter also. God what I’ve missed. When one is as poor as a church mouse one hasn’t a lot of opportunities to see and fall in love with films. I just watch three that no one else really liked. But even though they had not much to go on they gave me a moment to escape and isn’t that what movies are for.  I liked John Carter, I thought it fun and wouldn’t mind seeing a few more of the series. Thor, Not the best Thor but Loki was very well done. I like the bad guys sometimes. Battleship. Well what can I say. If they had ditched Rihanna I think it would have been a lot better off. All in all they gave me some place to go for a few hours. Reality sucks so watching films like these three took my mind off the world. I recommend something stupid and foolish every once in awhile. And don’t look at dialogue or acting abilities so much just go for the fun of it.