I’ve been trying to catch up on all the new films and old ones for that matter also. God what I’ve missed. When one is as poor as a church mouse one hasn’t a lot of opportunities to see and fall in love with films. I just watch three that no one else really liked. But even though they had not much to go on they gave me a moment to escape and isn’t that what movies are for.  I liked John Carter, I thought it fun and wouldn’t mind seeing a few more of the series. Thor, Not the best Thor but Loki was very well done. I like the bad guys sometimes. Battleship. Well what can I say. If they had ditched Rihanna I think it would have been a lot better off. All in all they gave me some place to go for a few hours. Reality sucks so watching films like these three took my mind off the world. I recommend something stupid and foolish every once in awhile. And don’t look at dialogue or acting abilities so much just go for the fun of it. 


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