IronMan 3

OMG OMG OMG…….. I watched this for the first time and boy oh boy what a ride. We find Tony Stark relating tall tales to a new found friend, you’ll have to watch all the way to end of the credits to find out who. This is where Stark becomes human to us and to himself. The vulnerability is what will really stick out in the this. Tony shows his human side and this scares the shit out of him. He’s always been a smart ass and always in control, until now, and that is what scares him. In the Avengers he was close to dying and came back but changed. I was very impressed with this film. As a actor Robert Downey Jr. has been just an also ran, but I feel with a good vehicle for him to have to really stretch he will suprise us all. He was able to show some of it in IronMan 3. I for one will enjoy this film over and over again. It was fun and yes I did shed a tear or two, I such an old softy.

So for just the pure fun of it watch IronMan3 I think you’ll like the ride.


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