True Skepticism: Conspiracy Theories, Irrational Thought, and the Scientific Method

Finally someone who makes sense.

The Cosmic Atheist

Boston Bomb Conspiracy
Photo Credit: The Skeptical Libertarian

It’s one thing for a conspiracy theorist to ignore the pain and suffering of other human beings; to use tragedy as a vehicle for the perpetuation of his own sick delusions; to dismiss logic and reason in order to concoct insane fairy tales; to irrevocably pollute public discourse with irrational nonsense, hysteria and baseless speculation; to proclaim a monopoly on all political information and opinion, to declare a position of moral and intellectual high-ground, and to incessantly criticize and belittle those who they would consider “sheeple” — all of which, no doubt, are infinitely infuriating things.

But there is nothing — and I mean nothing — that infuriates me more than when these people claim to be “true skeptics”; when they claim to be properly utilizing the scientific method; when they conflate the blind and hysterical questioning of everything with genuine investigative inquiry —…

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