Veterans Day

 Today we have been honoring out Vets, two footed and four footed. And I’ve been thinking of some of the movies that have been made of all the wars that have been fought throughout time. One of ganny’s favorites is The Battle Of Britain.

Subtle writing made for a hard film to watch if you didn’t quite get it. I was one of the lucky few that did get it.

We have the start of the WWII for those in the western part of Europe. France has been invaded by the Reich and the next target is England. But Hitler stops at the channel, why, that is one of those questions I don’t think we’ll truly ever know. Any way England is a stepping stone but they will fight and die for their country.They didn’t have many planes or pilots and so that is why the had pilots from all over the world to help them out. Ever our own General Chuck Yagger was fight there before America got involved. Betcha didn’t know that did ya. And for some odd reason  I always think that Oliver Reed was in this film but he isn’t, but he should have been This would have made a great film for him. I’m posting a link to IMDb for those that want to see a cast list, writers directors and such.

This is one of those films that is all but forgotten here because it’s not a film about Americans in the war but it needs to be remembered as a part of the history of WWII. 

My father was in that war and so I can never forget any of it and I have nothing but great respect for those that fought and died and those that fought and came back, sometimes not as whole, mentally or physically, 

We need to honor them and this is one way I know of that shows what war and dying for your country really is like. So if you get a chance watch The Battle Of Britain and make it one of your favorites. 


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