I recently watched two films that for me held powerful messages and symbols. You may not agree with me and that’s okay. I will also have two more films that I think bear watching at the end of my commentary.


So extreme and so different from what I was use to, being brought up on white bread and hate. I don’t hate and so I watched. I needed to see what it was that I was missing in my life. I grew up during those times and heard the names and saw the news. Watched the Olympics and saw the hands raised in defiance and secretly was very proud. My mother being from the south, well you can guess what she thought of it. Heard how there were riots in some of the large cities and that we all had to lock our doors and look at African/Americans with suspicion. I cried when Dr King was killed as I also cried when Bobby Kennedy was killed. What was it about those times that made us who we are today and why are those sad days of race hate coming back.

 Islam. I’d never heard that before until the first gulf war and so I researched, without a computer, and found a book the, Quan, and read so when I heard about a film called Malcolm X I was curious but I didn’t go see it. I was afraid. Afraid of being the only white person in the theater and taunted out for just wanting to watch it. I know that was shameful on my part, I’m older now and really don’t care what people would think.

 Malcolm X shows me what I missed and what I so needed to know growing up. I will watch it again just because I liked it. It was well played and well done. I would suggest that you watch it too.



From the extreme of Malcolm X to the sedateness of The Butler. Both needed and both so poignant. As with the first film it was about a time of change in America and told from two different points of view. I cried with this film also and for the same reasons as the first. But one part made  me smile and go YEAH!. When the character was working in the hotel in the south he used a word that is so degrading that it should never be used by anyone ever again. He was slapped for saying it and I don’t like my twitter family to even use it, the word for anyone who wants to know is the N word. I so loved this sweet sad uplifting film that it is now one of grannies favorites.

Life in this country has not been as kind as it should have been for the , bare with me, nigger/negro/black/African/american But we as a people of this nation can and should change it. Yes these things did happen and they are a part of our history but they can be made better. My only worry if the frightful stand your ground laws that are being passed. This will cause the all out war that the Nation of Islam and the Black Panthers wanted. and it will be a sad cold day for us all then. 

Thank for reading this. Oh an the other two films I want you to see are The Color Purple, and To Kill A Mockingbird. Keep watching films and reading books. PEACEImageImageImageImage