I got to watch Vanity Fair this past week.I was liking it till the end. Not enough of it. Lost my train of thought be back later.


the mopey triangle or the mopey triangle either way

got to see tangled again like that film. It’s a little bit better in the love part than the other Disney movies of the past it’s not so untouchable. I really do like you and the horse is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. This isn’t going to be a long post. I just wanted to say how much I really like tangled. Hugs and kisses to all till we meet again

Robin Hood

Russel Crowe is so far the best Robin Hood. Watched it last night,(dvd). I know I’m late watching but I’m new to the world of computers. Really the only thing I have to say about is I liked it. Not because of Russel Crowe, Okay yes because of him. But I found it to be more historically correct and that is something I like to see in Films. There was one thing tho. THEY DID NOT HAVE CORN IN EUROPE AT THAT TIME. It would be another two hundred years before corn would show up there. But over all for being  what it was, FUN, I did enjoy it. I will be watching it again. Just for the way it takes out of reality for awhile.

Trash talk

Why is it that one person in Hollywood thinks “hey lets make a 3D movie”, EVERY ONE JUMPS ON IT.  I for one do not like 3D. You see I wear glasses trifocal glasses. They are not fun to wear but I have to. 3D for me a headache in the making. I some times have a hard time with 2D trying to keep up with everything. 3D is for movie students not for the big guns. I know why they did it. MONEY. That’s all and to do it on films that have already been out for years is simply a new way to make more money. What happened to new an exciting new ideas. Is there no more writers in Hollywood that have a new thought. Well just so you know I don’t begrudge  them for making money, but please someone come up with an original idea. Give us something that we really want to see and PLEASE no more 3D. That’s it for tonight I post more later.. OOO’s and XXX’s

Holy cow

Have you ever felt like you had forgotten something. and months later found out what it was. Well that has happened to me today. I totally forgot about this blog and if Someone hadn’t mentioned it to me I still wouldn’t have remembered. Holy Cow I have a mind like a steel trap only mine is all rusted. Forgive me for forgetting you. I will try to remember from now on.

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